Outdoor Warehouse Tent

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Metal Frame White Party Marquee Permanent Outdoor Tents With Hot Dip Galvanized Steel


Quick detail:

  1. Size: 25 x 30m
  2. Eave height: 3m
  3. Main frame structure: hard pressed extruded aluminum alloy T6061 / T6
  4. Fabric cover:  PVC coated polyster fabric.
  5. Steel parts: hot dip galvanized
  6. Wind load: 100 km / h
  7. Snow load: 120kg / sqm
  8. Life time: 15 years


Outdoor warehouse tent series:

Size (m) Eave height (m) Ridge height (m) Bay Distance (m) Wind load Snow load
10x5 3.95 4.35 5 100km/h 120kg/sqm
11x5 4.85 5
15x5 5。50 5
16x5 5。95 5
20x5 6.20 5
21x5 6。90 5
25x5 8.40 5
30x5 9.90 5




1 . Fabric cover : 850g/sqm block-out white PVC for roof , 650g / sqm translucent white PVC for side walls , PVC coated polyster fabric , color optional . 100 % waterproof , fire retardant ( DIN4102 B1  , M2) , CFM , UV resistant , tear resistant , self - cleaning ability . Besides PVC coated polyster fabric , the fabric cover can be transparent PVC , TPU or mixed together to make the outdoor warehouse tents in different design and styles .


2 . Base : Hot dip galvanized steel parts , and used to connect the frame and ground 。 On concrete floor , we use expansion screws to fix the bases with floor 。 On soft ground ( grass ground mud ground ) , we use big steel nails ( anchor ) to fix the bases with ground 。 On undistructible ground ( marble , asphalt ground etc ) , we use weight plate system to fix the bases with ground 。


3 . Main frame structure : hard pressed extruded anodized aluminum alloy T6061/T6, European standard, much more harder than normal aluminum alloy. With anodized, the aluminum will not be oxidated and the color will be always new for long time.


4 . Transparent PVC window : for optional, be welded with side wall fabric, European style. It's for lighting only, can't be opened.


6 . Ventilation window : square roll up windows , with mosquito net , waterproof 。 When raining or in winter , You are able to close the windows to stop rain and wind go inside 。 When in summer , You can open the windows for air circulation 。 There is mosquito net inside , no insect can go into the outdoor warehouse tent 。


7 . Sidewall :  PVC coated polyester fabric, glass wall, ABS hard wall for optional according to different usage。 PVC coated polyester fabric cost is low, but easy to install & dismantle, easy to use。 Glass wall is expensive, but looks luxury。 ABS hard wall is fire resistant, and can protect the personal privacy.


9 . Door :  PVC coated polyester zip sliding door, glass door, metal door as optional。


10 . Accessory :  there are many accessories for optional , such as insulation lining , decoration lining , ventilation , solar power , floor system , fireplace , furniture etc . Price is competitive .


9 . Packing :  the structure & fabric cover are packed separately . The structure is wrapped in PVC film . The fabric cover is packed in pallet .


10 . Installation :  the tent is fixed by bolts and nuts . the tent can be fixed with ground through bases by different ways
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